OK, only kidding about the going out of business part, but not the sale part.

As per your requests, here are some drawings for sale, priced to leave here and have forever homes with you and yours. If you want one, please message me via FB and I will reserve the drawing for you and send you my address for payment.  Drawings will all be signed and the black and white one will be colorized.  You know, like old movies.  Colors are muted, not as bright as the scans made them.  Drawings have all been previously published, are smallish and look lovely matted and framed.  Sale price: $310 except This is America which is $290.

I Can Do It, 5 x 4 pen and ink with watercolor wash


Great Minds Think Alike, 5 x 7, pen and ink with watercolor wash  SOLD

dog juggling


Fetch!  two part drawing, can be framed separately or together, 4 x 4.5, pen and ink with watercolor wash

dog w ball

Dexter doing math!!!  6 x 7, you know the drill by now  SOLD

e=mc2 2

A Few Simple Rules, 6 x 4, very cute   SOLD

Can do

and last but not least, This is America, 4 x 3 1/2, will be in color  SOLD

thisisamerica 1