The thing is, I mean, like what has happened to our use of language?  OMG, it’s unreal, you know?  Like who writes properly now?  Do you wince at all the grammatical and spelling errors on Facebook, in texts, etc.?  No matter.  Let’s talk about language and dogs.

Like if you use a different command, or suggestion, when you want your dog to lie down, say, then no wonder he’s confused.  Addled.  Non-compliant.  Like, OMG, he has no idea what you mean.

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You needed clarity of speech in order to communicate effectively with your dog.  You need to be precise.



Figure your dog wants to cooperate, but, hey, like if he doesn’t get it, how can he?  So don’t talk so much that he turns his floppy ears off.  And when you do talk, say exactly what you mean.  Say it clearly and simply and do not change the commands, or suggestions, if you prefer.  Sit means sit.  Down means down.  Sit down means nothing, unless you have a dog like Oliver.  I was learning to be a dog trainer and began to wonder which would mean more to a dog, a verbal signal or a hand signal.  So I put my dog on a sit stay, walked away, turned around and gave him the hand signal for down while telling him to come.  Oliver lay down, then got up and did a lovely, proper recall.  The thing is, not every dog is that cooperative, attentive or well-trained.  So especially in the beginning, give your dog a break.  Cut the chatter and up the clarity.  You’ll notice the difference and OMG, so will he.

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