Not so fast.  One of the most important phrases for humans to use.  When the doctor is writing a prescription or checking his calendar to see when he can do your surgery.  When the veterinarian wants to give your dog yearly vaccinations or neuter your puppy.  When you find an amazing “fact” on Facebook that changes everything.  When the newspaper or the TV reports an incident.  When there’s a new diet or face cream or exercise program that will keep you young.  When there’s a new breed of dog, a little of this plus a little of that.  When the pet shop tells you they don’t get their puppies from puppy mills.  I could go on and on, but who has the time!

It’s a pain in the ass to do your research, but do it.  Because sloppy thinking, not giving a shit, stupidity and plain old self interest are informing some of the things you are reading and being told and worse, not to mention greed.  Greed is big.

Not so fast.  Making sure things add up correctly can save the day, maybe even a life.