Sometimes you have one idea of how to spend your time and your dog has another.


man with book, dog with ball


What’s a person to do?  First, it’s really great to make note of what the dog wants to do, to understand and encourage his attempts to communicate with you.  But does this mean that you need to do whatever your dog wants to do whenever he makes his feelings known?  Certainly not.  Impossible.  Hardly ever.  OK, maybe sometimes.

It’s wonderful for your dog to know that sometimes when he requests a game, a biscuit, a walk, a snuggle you will drop everything and make his wish come true.  But it’s also important for him to know, as we all must, that at times a dog or a person needs to wait, that instant gratification, though appealing, is not a reasonable expectation 24/7.

Sure, sometimes put down the book and play a little ball with your best friend.  Sure, sometimes say Go lie down, or whatever, when you dog pesters you with his tennis ball for the one hundred and sixth time in a morning.  Communication is a beautiful thing and communication between species is a kind of miracle, but still, your dog should understand that while one hundred and five times is OK, one hundred and six might be pushing his luck.