The dog who is willing to sit when asked to, alone or with a partner, is a dog who is ready and willing to learn.  In fact, teaching the sit, or better still, the sit stay, is actually the fastest, easiest, best way to teach a dog how to learn.  In the process, he comes to understand that he should look at you when you speak to him, that your words are a signal that he should do something, that he should perform a simple act and that each word has its own meaning, that it will always mean the same thing and that when he does the thing the word implies, you will be very happy.  And since dogs can share emotions with us, he will be happy, too, especially when you express your pleasure by petting him and telling him what a good and brilliant dog he is.

Want to house train?  Teach the sit first.  Want to increase the wonderful bond between you and your dog? Teach the sit and use it when there’s something happy in store, dinner! a walk! a game!  Oh boy. Want a dog who is comfortable gazing into your eyes, a dog who will learn the basics, the rules of a few games, the names of his favorite toys, the messages you send with your eyes?  Sit’s the answer.  It doesn’t matter where…


or with whom.

Flash and baby


A simple sit can be deceiving.  In fact, there’s nothing simple about it at all since it is the beginning of more connection and more understanding than nearly anything else you will say to your dog.  Sit, Sky.  Good girl!