Great for retrieving.  Will not roll or bounce into traffic.  Pretty much keeps to the trajectory of your toss.

Easy to carry.  Squooshes into any pocket.  Every pocket if you are me.

Is great for bathtub games.  Toss it and have your dog toss it back into the tub, or place it in your hand, or scoop it out of the tub, or find it hidden behind the shower curtain or under the washcloth.  Be sure to name it and name each activity.

Will not set off the alarm at the airport.

Will not be confiscated by the TSA.

Good for hide and seek.

Will keep a dog quiet during Tae Kwan Do practice. (see below)

Cheap to buy and replace.  We buy them by the bagful.

When your dog beheads them, which is why we buy them by the bagful, the heads make nice decorative touches around the house.

Having a duck in your pocket will encourage you to engage with your dog.  On the rare occasion that I have left home without one, I have tossed my keys and even my wallet.  Anything to please my dog.

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