Some years ago, when I was on book tour with my first service dog, Dexter, we found ourselves walking alone on a street in Los Angeles.  Lots of cars were whizzing by, but there wasn’t another soul walking.  I began to think about how it was because of Dexter that I was doing so well on the trip, that despite all the stress I wasn’t getting sick, and I expressed my gratitude out loud since there wasn’t anyone else there.  I love you, Dexter, I told him, and immediately got a rush of what I thought might be endorphins, though it could well have been oxytocin.  Whatever it was, I suddenly felt fabulous.

This is one of the perks of having a pet and clearly, it doesn’t only come from cuddling and petting.  You can get your good hormone fix by saying “I love you” out loud.  You can even get happy by just looking at your dog.  You know the old saying, Love comes in at the eye.  And so it does.  And so it does.