There are many ways to fool around with your dog.  Most are fun and rather harmless, like posing your dog as part of a Picasso sculpture because the guard was so smitten with him you might have even taken the baby from the carriage and put the dog in its place!  Some involve getting physical, swimming with your dog or racing, if you dare, tossing a ball for him to catch.  Some fooling around can teach, hiding biscuits for him to find or asking him to bring you a toy when you name it.  What’s interesting is that any of these things, any of the ways we fool around with our dogs, can reveal a lot about us, and a lot about them.

Here’s something I tried just last week.  My dog, Sky, came to play.  You know the look!



Instead of asking her to find a ball, I put my rounded hands together, the tips of my fingers touching, the space between them about the size and shape of, yes, a ball.  Sky stared at my hands.  She stared some more.  I said nothing.  She turned and left and came back with a ball.  Now, hampered only by any lack of imagination on my part, we are expanding our ability to communicate without words.  Just fooling around, thank you, but what a time we are having.