All animals can read the intentions of others.  It’s how they survive, and in the real world, in nature, survival is everything.  Understanding what’s real, what’s underneath, what is coming and what’s not, our dogs know when to raise their hackles and when to play bow, when to offer help with pain and when to bring a favorite ball, when they are going out with you and should rush to the door, tail wagging, and when they are going to be left at home and should go into their crates or lie down, with a sigh, on the living room rug.  It’s why the moose Sky woofed at in Alaska did not charge us or run off. It’s why the birds I feed in my city yard, the sweet, little sparrows we love so much, do not leave the table when the dogs are out.  It’s why, sometimes, you get a creepy, crawly feeling when some people approach and feel open and comfortable with others.  Animals know what’s real.  We do, too, until we learn to speak – and then, sometimes, not so much.  Alas.  Reading intentions is part of Mother Nature’s grand and glorious plan for all of us.  It’s about survival.  And survival is everything.