I’m not sure if you’ll agree, but I’m pretty sure you dog would; the world is too full of blah, blah, blah.  If you choose, as I do, to take quiet walks with your dog as often as you can, your dog will know exactly how you are feeling without you saying a word.  And if she’s like my dog, she will look back to check on you, on or off leash, without being asked.

The nice thing about quiet time is that while you enjoy your own thoughts, she will enjoy her own.  You may both admire the same thing once in a while, but, more than likely, your dog will admire the scents around her and you will admire the sights.  A peaceful walk, with little said, is refreshing to both mind and body, but even though your dog may be lost in the wonders around her, she won’t mind the occasional interruption of a word or two or three here and there.  Go left.  Wait for me.  Or even, Sit in front of that chair with your legs spread this far apart while I take your picture.  Who says dog’s aren’t eager to please!