What does it mean to a dog to travel?  The chance to explore a new environment, one, perhaps, very different from home?  The opportunity to make new friends?  The fun of a boat ride?  A cool lake for swimming, a long trail for hiking, finding a toad, seeing a moose, listening to local music at night, stretching one’s legs, one’s mind, one’s view of the world?

Who knows what a dog thinks seeing a waterfall, riding the rapids in a Zodiak, hearing the distant sound of wolves howling?  But travel is happy time for dogs as well as for their partners.  There’s less stress, more time with together, the pleasure of shared adventure.  Dogs bond tighter to their people when they are away from home, paying more attention not only to what’s fresh and new, but to what’s familiar, to what it is that really means “home.”  That would be me, that would be you, making a trip with a pup a glorious thing.