Drawings have a way of getting to the heart of the matter while at the same time, going straight to the reader’s heart.  With a few simple lines, a hint of color and a minimal amount of words, Dog Smart, The Art of Training Your Dog, combines humane, effective dog training with a comic-graphic format that is laugh-out-loud funny, easy-to-use and impossible-to-forget.  With a strong emphasis on good communication as the key to a great relationship between you and your dog, Dog Smart teaches you how to teach your dog to come, sit, stay, lie down, wait, back up, find hidden objects, fetch a tissue when you sneeze, ignore the pizza lying on the sidewalk and much, much more.  You will learn how to prevent and, if necessary, put an end to naughy behavior, make walks more fun for both of you and even how to reinforce good training and teach your dog the meaning of dozens of words while playing fun games.

Dog Smart can help you become the smartest partner a dog could ever have and will help your dog to become the smart dog you deserve.

Available at iTunes, Kindle and Nook for only $4.99.