Yesterday was my 30th wedding anniversary, so last night my sweetie and I and our service dogs, Monk and Sky, walked down to Tribeca for dinner at Nobu.  Steve had the black cod with miso sauce.  I had the rock shrimp tempura.  Then Steve had coffee and dessert and I picked at his dessert.  When we got up to leave, the people sitting near us were visibly shocked.  They had no idea that there were two dogs under our table.  Of course, no one is supposed to be aware of service dogs in a restaurant.  As in other public venues, they should seem to disappear, watching and waiting quietly until their help might be needed.

Now you will want to know my training secrets.  How, in fact, did I train these dogs to be so good at their jobs and so unobtrusive when out in public?  I wouldn’t share these secrets with just anyone, but I will, of course, with you.

Sky was so quiet and well-behaved because there were no horses at Nobu.

Monk decided, all on his own, that even though it was an occasion, he wouldn’t sing.

Now you know everything.  Get out there and train them doggies.