I met this wonderful man the other day while walking with Sky to the gym where I swim.  It’s because of Sky that I meet everyone.  “I had a Border Collie when I was growing up,” they say.  Or “that’s the smartest breed, isn’t it?”  Or just, “she’s really beautiful.”  But he was quiet at first.  His companion told me about a therapy dog she’d met that looked like Sky and then we talked about what therapy dogs do vs what service dogs, like Sky, do.  I said that Sky watches me to see when I might need her help and that the help she offered me was miraculous.  When I was about to leave, the man said, “I’d like to share something with you,” and he took both my hands in his.  Though I live in a big city and I am as paranoid as the next person, I felt totally comfortable with this stranger holding my hands.  He said, “Someone once told me that if we paid attention the way dogs do, we’d be twice as smart as we are.”  Something to think about.

Photo from "Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep?"