There were four dogs here the other night, our dogs, Sky and Monk, and our friends’ dogs, Nellie and Mabel.  We were busy with sushi, wine and good conversation with Richard and Polly while the dogs wrestled and played non stop and we didn’t notice, until we were saying our good-byes, that someone had demolished a blue High Bouncer.  Pieces of it covered the living room rug, but not one of those dogs confessed, so we didn’t know who dunnit.  Until the next day.  Being sensitive to your feelings, and not knowing if you are reading this while munching your morning croissant, I have declined to post a photo of the actual evidence.  Instead, I have posted a shot of the guilty party munching a raw carrot.  That, too, will show up eventually, in bright orange as opposed to bright blue.

Good boy, Monk.  Toys are not meant to last forever.